• How much does it cost to use ShipHero Marketplace?

    The ShipHero Marketplace is free to use.

  • I want to use more than 1 3PL, can I?

    You sure can. You can work with as many 3PLs as you’d like, within ShipHero you can set your rules as to which 3PL you want to ship which items. Orders can be split across multiple 3PLs and you can build complex routing rules.

  • Who owns my data, me or the 3PL?

    If you sign up through the Marketplace, all the data and configuration is yours. That means if you decide to switch 3PLs or move fulfillment in-house you can do so without losing any data or configuration.

  • How can I switch from one 3PL to another?


    New integration? Not needed. As long as you signed up with the original 3PL through the Marketplace you don't even have to update data, orders or your rules as all that lives in your account, not the 3PLs. No migration of any kind is needed.

    Physically moving product? That's not needed either. Here’s how you switch:

    When you reorder from your vendors, you have your vendors ship those new products to your new 3PL. You set the rules in ShipHero to deplete the stock from your original 3PL and then fulfill orders out of your new 3PL when the stock isn't available at your original 3PL. Eventually your old 3PL has little or no stock and your new 3PL is fulfilling all your orders.

    You've migrated! No downtime, no shipping all your products from one warehouse to another, and a ton less stress or opportunities for bad things to happen.

  • Who do I pay?

    You pay the 3PL you decide to work with directly.

  • Who are the companies leaving reviews, how can I trust them?

    We take steps to ensure that all reviews are from brands that are currently or were previously customers of the 3PL they’re reviewing.

  • What software do the 3PLs use? Can I login to see and manage my orders?

    All the 3PLs uses the same software, which is ShipHero. You will get your own account with multiple logins for the members of your team along with the ability to see and manage orders, set rules, create purchase orders, view order status, view inventory status and a ton more. You do not pay ShipHero for the account.

  • Who do I talk to when I have a question or need support?

    You will chat with your 3PL directly via their supported methods such as email and phone.

  • How popular is this thing?

    Approximately US$1 billion a year is fulfilled through ShipHero for companies ranging from side-hustles to public companies.